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Iraqi Kurdistan Gets First All-Female Run Newspaper

howe(4) 1 nationally among large circulation dailies in percentage of households that bought the paper in its primary market. Howe pushed for public-policy coverage as well as for extensive coverage of sports and other news. “He cared deeply about the mission of the newspaper,” Beermann said. “Woody really impressed on people the importance of a major daily newspaper and what it meant to the citizens of the state.” In 1968, he married Anda Grinbergs, a native of Latvia whose family had come to America as refugees and eventually settled in Lincoln. The couple, who divorced years later, raised two children. Evan Howe, of Bozeman, Montana, became a mountain climber and is a physician assistant. Marisa Howe works for a renewable energy laboratory in Golden, Colorado. There are five grandchildren. G. Woodson “Woody” Howe, who worked for the Omaha World-Herald for 37 years including as editor from 1979-99, sits with his wife, Marilyn, in their home in Omaha on Oct.

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